Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ethan's 1st birthday

Ethan totally loves the ball pit whenever we go to Playwerx, so I decided to go with a ball theme using primary colors. We kept it nice and simple with a little food and a little fun. We also tried to keep it under an hour since everyone is on a different nap schedule. Speed party! I got giant bouncy balls for party favors but they were hiding around a corner so most people didn't get them. Bummer. You can't win em all!
In all honesty, this was a last minute party. It fell on mothers day weekend (which I was going out of town for) so I had it a day after I got back, a day before heading out of town again. So I had invites made but I didn't have time to print and send them. So I just text people the online version!!! I did print one to add to his baby book (that I'll never put together) and we can pretend that I actually sent it out.
 Snacks for mom and baby. Cake pops are my FAVORITE at parties because there's no waste and you don't need extra plates and forks.
 That's a happy camper!
 I got these little pools at walmart and ordered about 1000 balloons from Ebay to make these ball pits,
 Of course we had to have Madeline there!
 I think he's a daddy's boy, but lets pretend for a second that he's all about mom!
 Unlike Aiden, he didn't hesitate to go for it!
 It was probably helpful that Aiden showed him how to do it.

 After Aiden licked it, I couldn't get Ethan to use his hands! Monkey see, monkey do!

 Has there ever been a cuter photo??
 We got a pull string piñata and the big siblings helped to pull the strings. I stuffed it full of baby snacks and it was quite cute to see the babies crawl to them! My mom ran to the store to get blow pops to add for the big kids.
 Party pooper.
Baby buddies

Aiden's 5th birthday

Aiden had a hard time deciding what theme he wanted for his 5th birthday. He went back and forth between a dance party, a halloween party, sesame street (that was new and short lived) and PJ Masks. He kept going back to PJ Masks so that's what we went with. I've let Aiden decide every detail of his last 3 parties. He picks the theme, location, food, party favors, decorations, guests, etc. Every detail. and I love it!! I don't do anything but show him ideas on Pinterest and help him execute it. This year he chose to have it at his favorite park again. He wanted to give masks as party favors. He picked hot dogs for lunch and cheetos, oreos, strawberries, and veggie straws for the sides. He said that we could also have salad because "moms like salad". Thoughtful kid. He wanted a piñata and a cake with he PJ Masks figures on it. Easy peasy.

For his birthday he got a "jeep" and a scooter.
 Sno cones for the win....again.
 This boy loves piñatas 
 The crew
 Getting that candy!

 Once the party came to an end, we were left with a whole cooler of ice so McKay started a snowball fight!
 So cold!!!
 Teamwork to make the snowballs.

Aiden's 4th birthday

For Aiden's 4th birthday we had a carnival theme! This is by far my favorite party we've done so far because it really was all about fun, as every party should be!
Held at La Costa Canyon park, April 25th, 2016
 VG's donut made these cute cake pops and then I added the tags.
 I made the cupcakes and put these cute dum dums on top to look like balloons.

 Lollipop party favors
 Tent cup party favors
 Guess how many game!
 Aiden getting a head start on the games.
 Bean bag toss, knock the cans down, ring toss, gone fishing, ballon pop


 Cotton candy, sno cones, popcorn, and hotdogs for the concessions.
Singing happy birthday
Our last photo as a family of 3. 8.5 months pregnant, Ethan came 2 weeks later!
They partied hard