Sunday, October 21, 2012

We made friends!

When we first arrived in Mexico and McKay was bringing our stuff up from the car, he met a man in the elevator that lives four floors above us in the penthouse. They talked a little bit and then the man and his family headed back to the states. On thursday we were at the pool with Aiden and of course he is a magnet for baby lovers so we immediately get joined by a 7 year old who is wanting to be his new bff. She starts telling us that she's from New Mexico and points to the place where they're staying and then we make the connection that she must be the daughter of the man McKay met. We then met her mother and had a nice time talking to her. She invited us to dinner on Saturday and I was beyond excited! They are Jewish so we got to experience a sabbath day dinner with the yummy challah bread and Jewish prayer and everything. It was great!
We had dinner outside on their big beautiful balcony. Their view is awesome! It's amazing the difference in what you can see only 4 floors up.
Their girls loved taking turns holding Aiden and even asked if they could babysit. How sweet.
Little Samuel was the cutest (almost) 2 year old I've ever met! All of their children are so beautiful and so sweet!

The mom used to be a news anchor for Fox in Arizona and the dad used to be an engineer and then became a doctor. They lived on a boat in the Caribbean for a year then bought this place just recently. We had a great time talking with them about our work, travel, family and overall lives. We wound up being there for five hours! They are such a great family and we look forward to our new friendship with them. 
Bonus picture:
Aiden and his daddy enjoying the pool

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

I was so excited but really nervous to start making Aidens baby food. I wanted to get the Beaba food maker but after reading a bunch of reviews and talking to the pro at Buy Buy Baby I decided to get the Baby Brezza. Both brands steam and blend but the Beaba also defrosts which the Baby Brezza doesn't which is why I wanted the Beaba. There were a lot of bad reviews about how the Beaba grows mold in the water chamber and that the defrost really doesn't work that great so I decided to go with the Baby Brezza. It was about $30 cheaper so that was a bonus and it works just fine so I'm happy with my purchase. Last night I made butternut squash and decided to wait until the morning to give it to him because I don't know how long it takes to notice a food allergy and I didn't want him to have a reaction while he was in bed. It was so easy to make and my fun little silicone 'ice' cube storage containers make it fun to freeze for the whole week. I just popped it out and heated it up. I'll take more detailed pictures for the next one. 

 Mama made a little to much cereal. oops. But this is the coolest plate, I put hot water under that orange cork to keep his meal warm. Pretty rad.
We took video of him eating and these are some stills from that video. Ignore the chair behind him, we just haven't put the outdoor furniture back outside since we got back.
He wound up eating all of it so I guess he liked it. Every once in a while he would make that face like he was a little shocked by what he was eating. The booklet says to feed him butternut squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes first and then after 6 months it has another list. But in the list it has fruits he can eat at that stage. I'm a little confused because the doctor told me to give him all vegetables before moving onto fruits. By the time I'm done with the first three I will have seen him again so I'll make sure to ask. What a fun new milestone for my big boy!

Two Weeks

Hello again! I got lazy while traveling and didn't update anything so this may be a long blog, maybe.
My life has turned into 2 week increments. Starting Monday September 17th, we "moved" down to Mexico where we lived and worked for two weeks. Then on Monday October 1st, we headed back to the states and hung out there for two weeks until we came back down to Mexico yesterday on Monday October 15th. We will be here for two weeks until we go back to San Diego on Monday the 29th for Halloween where Aiden will get to spend his first Halloween with family and friends. Wow. Now we didn't plan on it being exactly to the day two week intervals, it just happened that way. These are our adventures for the past two weeks:
Melissa and Dallin came down for work and play the weekend before we went back to the states. We wound up leaving on Monday (instead of Thursday) with them so McKay and Dallin could go to a baseball game on Tuesday. Yes, our travel dates changed with a day notice for a baseball game. Boys will be boys. Back to when they arrived. I was so happy to have friends here, it's been quite lonely and was super nice to have someone to do stuff with. Melissa came with gift in hand - Einsein bagels! Holy cow I was on cloud nine! She even remembered to get an 'Everything' because they're my favorite. I can't even describe how nice it was to have a little yummy treat from the states, I now feel for the missionaries that spend two years in a foreign country and rely on their families to send yummy stuff from home. Saturday we did a little grocery shopping (thinking we would be there until Thursday) and then we all went down to the beach where we put Aidens feet in the ocean for the 1st time!! We got his usual, no reaction. But it was fun for me!
Aiden had fun playing with his toys, I think he's my new beach buddy.
Melissa and I
Dallin and Melissa
 We went to Mare Blu again, of course. I think McKay is totally over taking a picture there every time

Aiden and Auntie Lissa dancing. He totally fell in love with her during this trip and LOVES spending time with her, tired or fussy, doesn't matter if Melissa is there.

On sunday Melissa and Dallin made us an amazing pasta from ingredients they brought from home. Why aren't they living here full time??
Monday we packed up and left for Arizona. I think I did a pretty good job packing.  Three people, three states, three bags (which turned into two bags after Utah)
Sweet boy sleeping on the plane

We hung out at the Pews Monday through Thursday and left bright and early Friday morning for Utah. We got to use the employee line to get through security because it was faster, nice perk for having a baby with us. Aiden fell asleep before take-off  and slept for most of the flight until they started making all of their announcements about landing, dang them!! Overall, his first flight went very well. 
When we got to Utah Aiden experienced this thing called "being cold" which he handled very well.
Aiden had a lot of fun hanging out with the Turnbulls
Auntie Kenna loves him to pieces and was able to get a lot of smiles out of him!
 Grandma Turnbull got him a new book and he was very interested! The boy loves book more than anything.
 Uncle Jamison and Aiden are like two peas in a pod. Aiden about to make a 'kissy' face
On Sunday we went to Temple Square with McKenna and the kids (Jamison, Carter, and Bren) who are all McKay's siblings and Aidens aunts and uncles.

Later that evening my sister Maddie and her husband Tyler came down from Idaho with their daughter Millie so they could meet Aiden for the first time. Millie is such a sweet little angel and was so cute with Aiden. They're basically the same size!! Millie is 2 years and 4 months and only about 8 pounds heavier than Aiden.

 This one is my favorite!
 She loved sitting in the stroller. 
Sisters with the babies. Millie was being silly and didn't want to look.
Monday morning we left for San Diego so McKay could squeeze a months worth of work into one week. I didn't see much of him that week :( Aiden had so much fun with his grammy and grampy. They were nice enough to watch him for a couple hours every day while I went to my appointments and ran errands. Aiden loved Stella. Sadly I don't have any pictures with Grammy and Grampy because the ones I did take were on their tablets. Boo.
Aiden also got to hang out with his second cousin Aubrey at Bates Nut Farm. He was very comfortable with her if you can't tell. Arm up, leaned back, relaxing :)

On Sunday we flew back to Arizona, stayed the night and left Monday morning after making a Costco run and stocking up on a ton of fish, fruits, and veggies.  No more carbs all day, every day! Woo-hoo!!
Overall we had a great trip seeing all of our family and friends. Thanks to Kate, Alyssa, and Lindsey for making the time to meet up and have girl time. We'll see you all soon!