Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 months

Five months is such a small part of life, you could be in a coma for 5 months, wake up and not miss a thing. But when you're on an adventure for 5 months it seems like forever. If you've ever been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about, it feels as though it will never end. That's how I felt being in Mexico. Our adventure started in the middle of September and if you read my blog since the beginning you know that I cried almost every day for the first couple weeks. Well at least I think I wrote about that, I was trying to stay positive! It was a very hard transition. Grocery shopping alone was terrifying. Refer back to September 18th. (I'm not a pro blogger so I don't know how to say click here and have the "here" take you to that blog. How do you do that???) The weather was hot and humid and didn't cool down for a couple weeks, my child was 4 months old and now sleeping in a pack and play which he hated. It was a rough start. We spent 5 months there, coming and going because we had to be in San Diego for about a week out of every month to keep business running here, that's how we pay our bills and grow our savings (so we can do crazy stuff like this) so it's kind of important that we come back and keep it going.
The view from our balcony. I know, what did I have to complain about?

When I was in Mexico I couldn't wait to get home. I just wanted to be around friends and do play groups and speak english to someone besides McKay. I wanted sushi and hamburgers. I wanted to do my hair and makeup and wear something other than a swimsuit. I wanted to go on a date with my husband because we could actually have a babysitter here. I wanted to understand what they were saying at church and go to fun Relief Society events. I wanted to go to weddings and baby showers and birthday parties. I wanted to go to the movies, use my cell phone and be able to drive my own car. I wanted to be able to run to the store real quick if I needed something and not wait for McKay to get home and go all together. I wanted to go somewhere, anywhere by myself just because I could. I could not wait to come back to the states to live a normal life and do things that I took for granted, all these little tiny things that keep me sane and make me feel human.

After about a month or so we got into a routine and started making it our home. The weather cooled down so Aiden and I could actually go outside and be by the pool or on the sand by the water. We enjoyed food from the pool bar and ice cream from the lobby coffee shop. We worked on our tans and found a routine that works for us so McKay would take Aiden for a day a week so I could just lay out and relax. We would go for walks every morning and enjoy the peace and quiet. We would do Costco trips every month when we came to the states so we could eat well while we were there. We discovered new restaurants and cute shops. We met the locals who are all so friendly and made friends with other people that lived at the resort full or part time. It really became a special place for us and a place that I miss almost every day. McKay has made a couple trips back since we officially came back and brought all of our stuff back with us. I've only gone back once due to hurting my back and having other commitments here in the states. I'm definitely going next month, nothing can keep me here!

I believe it was on Valentines day that we found and signed a lease for our new home. The following day we had all of our stuff moved out of storage. Don't forget, all of our belongings were in storage except for what we could fit in the back of our car which was about 3 suitcases. The day we unpacked was a very emotional day for me, even thinking about it now I feel the same way. "I can't believe it's over" is what I thought. I honestly thought the day would never come and there I was unpacking all of my belongings, finding a special place for each serving dish and guest towel. I did my closet last and that was a very bittersweet moment since I knew this adventure was coming to an end. All I could think of since september was wanting a variety in my wardrobe. I had packed 8 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 3 summer dress, 2 work out outfits, flip flops, flats, and tennis shoes. No cute coats, no cardigans, no boots, no jewelry, nothing I could wear to a nice dinner. I didn't pack any of this simply because there wasn't enough room. I grew to hate the clothes I brought with me and I haven't even worn any of them since I've been home, bonfire anyone? I've never thought I was a materialistic person until I unpacked my clothes. I held my cashmere cardigans and my silk skirts and hugged them and squealed with joy. It felt so good to have something nice and pretty again and not wear a well used T-shirt anymore. I played dress up for days! I put so much energy into what I was going to wear and even wore all of my accessories which I usually tend to forget. I wore heels and boots for several days straight which was awesome until I realized that not wearing them for about 6 months definitely got my feet used to wearing flats. Ouch. Things have gone back to normal now, I only wear fancy things for special occasions and not just going to the grocery store.
The only picture I have of our place is my closet, the best part. This is half of my closet and McKay has his own walk-in. I totally scored and it was definitely well earned! :)

We've settled into our new home, gone to the park more than anyone on earth, see our family and friends often, and trying to not take anything for granted. We live such a blessed life to live in an amazing area and have all the opportunities that we do. My husband works hard for his family and for our future and I'm thankful every day for him for not passing up a single opportunity that our heavenly father has so graciously provided for us.

Lets see what the next 5 months bring. I have some ideas. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Christmas adventures, and then some

Wow, can you believe it's been 4.5 months since my last blog?? There is a reason for that and I will go into that in my next post, which I hope to write right after this one. We'll see if Aiden goes to bed easily, I can hear him messing around up there.
 Although the time has past I feel it's important for journaling purposes to still update on past adventures.  I hope I can remember it all. If there's no photo, there's no story. Here it goes!
**Comments/stories are ABOVE each photo**

First of all, how cute is Aiden? We were still in Mexico at this point (Christmas time) and our belongings were still in storage. Aiden desperately needed some dress clothes for the holidays so I had to go shopping, bummer.. :) Here he is modeling one of his outfits, about 7.5 months old
This was Dec 1st, we arrived home a couple days earlier and one of the first things we did was have a play date with Lincoln. Aiden lives with just me and McKay in Mexico and has no friends and never see's any other little people so he's grown quite attached to little Linc.
 I gave Aiden avocado in one of those trendy mesh bags, big mistake! He loved it and it worked great but it left a big ol' mess! Btw, I've always been that person that gets so mad at people when I see their child in a bumbo on an elevated surface. I feel like screaming at them "can't you read the label?! I can even read it in the photo!!" So if you're judging me that's totally fine, I get it, but I'll have you know that I didn't leave his side the entire time he was up there. I hope that makes you feel better :)
We were staying with our parents for the month of December while we took some much needed time off from work down south. My parents got two new puppies, german shepherd mix. Aiden still loves them to this day.
And so do I. I desperately want a dog. DESPERATELY!!!! McKay used to hate them because he wasn't raised with any real pets (weird right?) but he's come around and the other day he actually told me that we need to get a dog asap, like the day we move into a house. Yes!! I win! I can't wait for that glorious special day.
December 11th we went to a local tree lot in Valley Center so Aiden could pick out his own tree. My parents went with us because why wouldn't they? And my dad is a Christmas tree expert so we always love his advice. Not like we used it though, and what I really mean is, not like Aiden used it. We let him pick it out. McKay would hold up a tree and ask Aiden if he liked it or not and the tree with the biggest smile won. The tree he picked out was horrid so we tried tricking him but he stuck to his guns and wanted this tree. Maybe you can't tell from the picture but this tree looked like the Charlie Brown tree with gaps everywhere. But The Aiden boy was a happy camper and that's all that was important. I went to go pay for the tree and when the guy told me it was $30 I said you have got to be kidding me! My dad laughed and told the guy he was so lucky Aiden picked that one because no one else would have ever bought it. The guy laughed back (knowing it was true). 
Ok so the reason behind Aiden picking his own tree: I want to start a tradition, well I guess I just did. Everywhere we go I buy Aiden an ornament whether it be a different state, country or the zoo. I will do this for every kid. Each kid will get to pick out their own tree every year that will go in their room and they will put their own decorations on it from all of their adventures and the ones they make themselves. Of course they can't pick out a 10 ft tree, we'll probably do something like pick out a tree as tall as you. I think it will be really fun, the kids have their own special tree and mama gets her own beautiful tree in the living room without feeling guilty for not having handmade ornaments on display. Win win.
December 15th we went to AZ for Daphne Lloyd's 2nd birthday party. Here we are with the Lloyds and the Pews. The lloyds just moved there and I think this was our first time seeing them since they moved closer! All around it was a great trip and we miss our AZ friends.
This video is super cute. December 16th, Aiden opening his first Christmas present from Great Grandma DeHart
December 17th, Aiden played Jesus in aunt Julie Rader's annual Christmas family home evening. He did a great job, not a peep out of him! Whew! It was after bedtime so I was nervous.
December 22nd we celebrated cousin Daniel's 1st birthday! They clebrated early with us since we wouldn't be there a week later on his real birthday.  How happy do these two look?? I love it. 
 These two are opposite in every way except for cuteness. They're both incredibly cute. 4 months apart but you can't even tell!
 December 23rd we went back to aunt Julie's because she had a present for Aiden. They love each other. In case future generations are reading this and I'm confusing the genealogy nut in the family, don't worry you haven't missed anything, Julie isn't really related to us. She's more of an honorary aunt because she and her whole family love Aiden to pieces and are always there for him. 
On Christmas Eve while the car was being packed I took a couple of photos of Aiden by his decorated tree.  Then we spent the night in Yuma, the halfway point where we always stay.
 Christmas morning we woke up and went straight to Mexico! We were there by noon and actually super happy to be back. It was nice to show my parents where we've been living for the past 3 months.
 I got t visit the job site for half a day while mom babysat. Here I am with the Pew girls. Their father/father-in-law is the founder of the wonderful organization Families Helping Families and they've been coming down here working their butts off every Christmas for years. Seasoned pros here.
 The Pew boys and my man. Workin hard or hardly workin? Kidding! They work hard
We took my parents into town to go shopping which is something I hadn't done since before we made the move. It's more of a vacation thing to do and we're just not in that mode when we're down there. But it was a lot of fun and I was able to find an ornament for Aiden.
 December 31st we were back in Phoenix spending time with our friends again. It took so much to get these boys to smile for the camera. I will cherish this photo forever!
 While the boys got the fire going outside, I taught the girls how to make bread!
Then we enjoyed s'mores, my favorite. We always have so much fun at the Pews! I tell Melissa that it's my 3rd home haha
 And we sung happy birthday to auntie Lissa, once again, not a real aunt.
 January 3rd we flew to Utah to visit the Turnbull's to Celebrate Christmas with them. 
McKay got us a swanky room (maybe because I said we needed space) and Aiden loved it.
Ask for space and you get space. I really just wanted a room with a living room separated by a door or a walk in closet or a huge bathroom, somewhere to put Aiden's crib.
Aiden loves his aunts and uncles, they give him so much attention and make him laugh.
Dressed up for dinner! I love this outfit Aiden got at his shower and was so excited he could actually wear it in the cold!
Soooo funny story here. McKenna and I were running errands preparing for Garret's birthday party. The whole time we're driving around I'm feeling the car shake but McKenna doesn't say a word so I just assume it's normal and don't say anything, I don't want to be rude! When pulling out of Costco the car immediately breaks and isn't doing so well so McKenna turns the corner and pulls into the next parking lot. Jumped out of the car to see what it was, flat tire. And when I say flat I mean totally popped with no chance of recovery. I hurry back in the car because it's FREEZING!! I then give McKenna the scoop with her tire so she then runs around the car to see the same thing and runs back in.  She calls her parents to see who she should call. Then she calls her insurance to see if she's covered for a tow truck, then she calls Garrett who doesn't answer because he's in class. I call McKay and tell him the scoop but tell him he probably wont need to come get us because this whole time McKenna has been saying that she can totally change the tire. We both jump out to look again and then jump back in. We discuss whether we really know how to change a tire or not. She said she watched a tire get changed in auto shop in HS but didn't do it herself. I have changed a couple tires before (thanks a lot dad) but wasn't about to get frostbite doing it here and now. Convinced she can do McKenna jumps out of the car to check her trunk and finds tools. she gets back in the car to tell me what she's found. I asked her if all the parts were there and if she had a donut or a real tire. HUH? she jumps back out, looks, then back in "I don't know" so I jump out, look, jump back in (remember its January in SLC) "It's a donut" I'm still protesting and saying we should definitely call a tow truck but she's not going for that so we both get back out to get our supplies when these 3 gentelmen walk up and ask if we need help. Uh yeah! Is it not obvious?? They then told us that they were watching us from the restaurant right behind the car. They saw us pull in with the flat tire and then jump in and out of the car for 20 minutes, basically taking bets on what we would do before they came out. Real nice! But really, we were so grateful for the help! They had it changed in a split second and I watched to make sure they were doing it correctly and not just pretending like they knew to be cool. Then they continued to tell us that we had to go straight to discount and not drive fast, like this was my first time with a flat tire. (dad wound up keeping a real tire in the back of my car during HS) Thank you men of Utah! You saved us!!
January 6th we flew to Albuquerque, NM to visit McKay's sister and her husband, Richelle and Jared. I did my best to dress him in country clothes so he would feel at home with Jared. I'm really lucky this child travels so well. 
Richelle showed us the Aquarium in town and we had a great time. McKay loves fish tanks and missed his a lot (Martin, the guy that built and services our tank is keeping it at his office and taking care of it while we're gone) and Aiden thought it was pretty cool too. 
On January 9th we celebrated my darling husbands 26th birthday! He doesn't like celebrating his birthday, they're not a big deal in his family (weird again, right?) so here is his sheepish smile accepting his cake that his sweet sister made for him. He is so dang cute, seriously! I love him to pieces. I just realized that my last birthday and McKay's last birthday were both spent on the road. Hmmmm Lets see what happens in July for my 25th!!! I have a feeling we'll be out of town.
January 12th after a week in NM, we flew back to Phoenix. Aiden got his own seat and was in love with watching the stewardess's do their thing.
That night he had a play date at auntie Lissa's house because she was babysitting her niece and nephew. Aiden had a blast with them. The kid is seriously so deprived of interaction with other children. 
January 20th, Grandma Turnbull came to town to visit her dad who had heart surgery. This is a couple days after. Technology is amazing! We went up to Temecula to visit them. We fed ducks at the pond and had lunch.
On January 22nd Aidens big boy car seat finally arrived! And oh man did he need it! I think he likes it. What do you think?
February 14th we took Aiden to Bates Nut Farm to feed the animals which I think he liked but I really don't know.
I believe it was that same day, we moved!! We decided that Mexico was picking up so we could slow down with being there. We moved into a towhome right off of La Costa. It's 1,700 sqft, 2 bed, 2.5 bath with this amazing closet!! And this is only half of it. McKay also has his own walk in closet. Unpacking my clothes was amazing! It was like going shopping in my storage boxes!
Aiden went on the swings for the first time on February 22nd. A little late but what about his life is normal?
February 25th we went to lunch with Great grandma and grandpa Turnbull. They sure have missed Aiden, it makes me feel guilty for always being gone.
Right as we were settling in, we took off again. February 27th we stopped in Yuma again on our way down to Mexico. It can be a 9-10 hour drive!  My sweet, sweet, cheap husband got us a hotel on one of those name your price apps. I don't know what his price was but this place was  not worth it! It was on a busy road in the ghetto. Plus they only had one pack and play that someone else was already using!! (I never bought a pack and play because hotels always provide cribs and it's one less thing to travel with) Anyways, a day earlier a friend told me that her friend told her that they always just put their kids in the bathtub. I think we were meant to have that conversation because I never would have thought of it and it is super genius! We took all of the bedding off of the second bed and padded the tub. He fell asleep immediately. Miracle! 
Back in Mexico McKay enjoyed some time on the beach with us which was a special treat because he's usually working up in the condo or out and about.
March 9th, back home now. My dad met up with us at Bates Nut Farm for a food Truck festival which was amazing! but the best part was the donkey ride.  I wasn't sure how Aiden would react but he absolutely loved it! I've never seen him react this way. He held on to the horn at first and then got adventurous and took his hands off. He was so excited he even let out a few squeals! 
March 11th, Aiden learned to feed others. It's pretty cute and sweet to think of how thoughtful he is!
I tried giving him spagetti sauce from a jar and he had no problem showing me what he thought of it. This boy is way to spoiled when it comes to Italian food. He wants it fresh, he wants it homemade, and he wants it now! My mom brought some over a couple days later and he gobbled it up.
March 22nd I had a girls/sisters day with my bestie Kaytee. We went to get sushi downtown (or old town) and then went shopping! We had so much fun!
Little Linc came over to spend some time with us one day and these two had me laughing so hard! The way they interact is hilarious  It must be like having twins. They were bugging each other, loving each other and having an eating contest. Love these boys!
March 28th McKenna came to town shortly followed by the rest of the Turnbulls. She was practicing with her new camera and got this awesome shot of Aiden. Gosh he is so cute!!!
March 30th we celebrated Aiden's 1st birthday, early I know but that's when the Turnbull's had spring break and could be here and I thought it was important for everyone to have family there. First birthdays are a big deal (blog about the bday coming up)
April 4th we had a joint baby shower for Brooke and Angalee. It was so cute and so sweet! These girls are awesome!
The next day we went to the Wild Animal Park with our mom group. It was hot and crowded but at least we were able to get together and have fun so it was totally worth it and I can't wait for the next one!
Brittany and I are stroller twins (along with half the zoo members) and Melodie braved the zoo with her two littles, the youngest being 8 weeks. She's a trooper. I'm so glad she could come!! But really, check out how much fun the kids had!!!
McKay is in Mexico for a week so I went up to Valley Center to spend the weekend with my parents. Aiden absolutely adores my mother, in fact, he obsesses over her! When she tries to hand him to my dad who Aiden totally loves, he kicks and pushes and whines until mom is holding him again. Same with me, if she tries to hand him to me I get pushed away and then an arched back with crying until she's holding him. An immediate smile follows that exchange. She's not even allowed out of her room until he goes down for his first nap otherwise he'll get so excited and want to stay up and play and wont go to bed. So note to self, if anyone wants attention from Aiden, get it while mom's not there. But in all seriousness, I think it's incredibly important for children to have a good strong relationship with their grandparents. Aiden is such a lucky boy to have the relationship that he has with them and I will do whatever possible to help that grow.
Well we are now at today, April 8th. McKay is out of town for a couple more days, I'm trying to keep myself busy doing random stuff just to do it so I can keep my mind off of missing McKay. I didn't go with him this time because there wouldn't have been enough comfortable room. He was picking up Elbert, his wife and child in Tijuana (from Columbia) to bring them to Peurto Penasco to join the TWT team. We're growing! It's exciting!  It's 10 pm and it's taken me a little over two hours to write this so I sure hope I actually do print these and read them in the future!

April 9th update: Last night after finishing my blog I headed upstairs and thought that I should check the back door to make sure it was locked, even though I hadn't used it recently. It was unlocked. Normally that wouldn't really bother me but because it was late and I was home alone, I started to panic. I called McKay on Skype and switched the camera around so he could see everything I was seeing as I checked the house. I checked every closet and every room, each time holding my breath. Even though I didn't find anyone I had worked myself up and started to cry. My dear sweet husband said a prayer with me and tried reassuring me that I would be fine. I told him I would and we hung up. But I wasn't fine. I disassembled my towel bar last time he was gone and slept with the rod just in case so I immediately found that and wouldn't put it down, even when I was brushing my teeth.  I emailed him again asking him to get back on Skype (his phone was dead). He immediately calls me back and now I'm crying even more, seriously panicking! He tries talking me into going to my parents house but that would mean that I have to go downstairs to get outside and I didn't want to have to do that because it's scary down there. (Seriously, am I 5?) So McKay told me to watch a show on the Ipad but I wasn't going for that so he finally told me to just put the phone down next to me and try to fall asleep. I thought there was no way that would work but I did it and he stayed on the phone with me until I started to drift off and then I immediately fell asleep after we hung up. Sometimes he just does the sweetest things! I could tell he was so tired and just wanted to go to bed but he knew I was scared and even though he knew I wasn't in any danger he made sure to comfort me and not make me feel stupid or like it was an inconvenience  just pure love and support. I'm so thankful that he's always there for me even when he's not physically here. He is definitely the best husband ever and I love him so very much! I'm a lucky girl!