Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 months

Five months is such a small part of life, you could be in a coma for 5 months, wake up and not miss a thing. But when you're on an adventure for 5 months it seems like forever. If you've ever been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about, it feels as though it will never end. That's how I felt being in Mexico. Our adventure started in the middle of September and if you read my blog since the beginning you know that I cried almost every day for the first couple weeks. Well at least I think I wrote about that, I was trying to stay positive! It was a very hard transition. Grocery shopping alone was terrifying. Refer back to September 18th. (I'm not a pro blogger so I don't know how to say click here and have the "here" take you to that blog. How do you do that???) The weather was hot and humid and didn't cool down for a couple weeks, my child was 4 months old and now sleeping in a pack and play which he hated. It was a rough start. We spent 5 months there, coming and going because we had to be in San Diego for about a week out of every month to keep business running here, that's how we pay our bills and grow our savings (so we can do crazy stuff like this) so it's kind of important that we come back and keep it going.
The view from our balcony. I know, what did I have to complain about?

When I was in Mexico I couldn't wait to get home. I just wanted to be around friends and do play groups and speak english to someone besides McKay. I wanted sushi and hamburgers. I wanted to do my hair and makeup and wear something other than a swimsuit. I wanted to go on a date with my husband because we could actually have a babysitter here. I wanted to understand what they were saying at church and go to fun Relief Society events. I wanted to go to weddings and baby showers and birthday parties. I wanted to go to the movies, use my cell phone and be able to drive my own car. I wanted to be able to run to the store real quick if I needed something and not wait for McKay to get home and go all together. I wanted to go somewhere, anywhere by myself just because I could. I could not wait to come back to the states to live a normal life and do things that I took for granted, all these little tiny things that keep me sane and make me feel human.

After about a month or so we got into a routine and started making it our home. The weather cooled down so Aiden and I could actually go outside and be by the pool or on the sand by the water. We enjoyed food from the pool bar and ice cream from the lobby coffee shop. We worked on our tans and found a routine that works for us so McKay would take Aiden for a day a week so I could just lay out and relax. We would go for walks every morning and enjoy the peace and quiet. We would do Costco trips every month when we came to the states so we could eat well while we were there. We discovered new restaurants and cute shops. We met the locals who are all so friendly and made friends with other people that lived at the resort full or part time. It really became a special place for us and a place that I miss almost every day. McKay has made a couple trips back since we officially came back and brought all of our stuff back with us. I've only gone back once due to hurting my back and having other commitments here in the states. I'm definitely going next month, nothing can keep me here!

I believe it was on Valentines day that we found and signed a lease for our new home. The following day we had all of our stuff moved out of storage. Don't forget, all of our belongings were in storage except for what we could fit in the back of our car which was about 3 suitcases. The day we unpacked was a very emotional day for me, even thinking about it now I feel the same way. "I can't believe it's over" is what I thought. I honestly thought the day would never come and there I was unpacking all of my belongings, finding a special place for each serving dish and guest towel. I did my closet last and that was a very bittersweet moment since I knew this adventure was coming to an end. All I could think of since september was wanting a variety in my wardrobe. I had packed 8 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 3 summer dress, 2 work out outfits, flip flops, flats, and tennis shoes. No cute coats, no cardigans, no boots, no jewelry, nothing I could wear to a nice dinner. I didn't pack any of this simply because there wasn't enough room. I grew to hate the clothes I brought with me and I haven't even worn any of them since I've been home, bonfire anyone? I've never thought I was a materialistic person until I unpacked my clothes. I held my cashmere cardigans and my silk skirts and hugged them and squealed with joy. It felt so good to have something nice and pretty again and not wear a well used T-shirt anymore. I played dress up for days! I put so much energy into what I was going to wear and even wore all of my accessories which I usually tend to forget. I wore heels and boots for several days straight which was awesome until I realized that not wearing them for about 6 months definitely got my feet used to wearing flats. Ouch. Things have gone back to normal now, I only wear fancy things for special occasions and not just going to the grocery store.
The only picture I have of our place is my closet, the best part. This is half of my closet and McKay has his own walk-in. I totally scored and it was definitely well earned! :)

We've settled into our new home, gone to the park more than anyone on earth, see our family and friends often, and trying to not take anything for granted. We live such a blessed life to live in an amazing area and have all the opportunities that we do. My husband works hard for his family and for our future and I'm thankful every day for him for not passing up a single opportunity that our heavenly father has so graciously provided for us.

Lets see what the next 5 months bring. I have some ideas. :)

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