Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

I was so excited but really nervous to start making Aidens baby food. I wanted to get the Beaba food maker but after reading a bunch of reviews and talking to the pro at Buy Buy Baby I decided to get the Baby Brezza. Both brands steam and blend but the Beaba also defrosts which the Baby Brezza doesn't which is why I wanted the Beaba. There were a lot of bad reviews about how the Beaba grows mold in the water chamber and that the defrost really doesn't work that great so I decided to go with the Baby Brezza. It was about $30 cheaper so that was a bonus and it works just fine so I'm happy with my purchase. Last night I made butternut squash and decided to wait until the morning to give it to him because I don't know how long it takes to notice a food allergy and I didn't want him to have a reaction while he was in bed. It was so easy to make and my fun little silicone 'ice' cube storage containers make it fun to freeze for the whole week. I just popped it out and heated it up. I'll take more detailed pictures for the next one. 

 Mama made a little to much cereal. oops. But this is the coolest plate, I put hot water under that orange cork to keep his meal warm. Pretty rad.
We took video of him eating and these are some stills from that video. Ignore the chair behind him, we just haven't put the outdoor furniture back outside since we got back.
He wound up eating all of it so I guess he liked it. Every once in a while he would make that face like he was a little shocked by what he was eating. The booklet says to feed him butternut squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes first and then after 6 months it has another list. But in the list it has fruits he can eat at that stage. I'm a little confused because the doctor told me to give him all vegetables before moving onto fruits. By the time I'm done with the first three I will have seen him again so I'll make sure to ask. What a fun new milestone for my big boy!

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