Sunday, October 21, 2012

We made friends!

When we first arrived in Mexico and McKay was bringing our stuff up from the car, he met a man in the elevator that lives four floors above us in the penthouse. They talked a little bit and then the man and his family headed back to the states. On thursday we were at the pool with Aiden and of course he is a magnet for baby lovers so we immediately get joined by a 7 year old who is wanting to be his new bff. She starts telling us that she's from New Mexico and points to the place where they're staying and then we make the connection that she must be the daughter of the man McKay met. We then met her mother and had a nice time talking to her. She invited us to dinner on Saturday and I was beyond excited! They are Jewish so we got to experience a sabbath day dinner with the yummy challah bread and Jewish prayer and everything. It was great!
We had dinner outside on their big beautiful balcony. Their view is awesome! It's amazing the difference in what you can see only 4 floors up.
Their girls loved taking turns holding Aiden and even asked if they could babysit. How sweet.
Little Samuel was the cutest (almost) 2 year old I've ever met! All of their children are so beautiful and so sweet!

The mom used to be a news anchor for Fox in Arizona and the dad used to be an engineer and then became a doctor. They lived on a boat in the Caribbean for a year then bought this place just recently. We had a great time talking with them about our work, travel, family and overall lives. We wound up being there for five hours! They are such a great family and we look forward to our new friendship with them. 
Bonus picture:
Aiden and his daddy enjoying the pool

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