Friday, May 10, 2013

Aiden's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Aiden's birthday with a big party on March 30th. It was so great to have so many family members and friends come. Aiden's birthday celebration weekend started with his Aunt McKenna flying in from Utah, shortly followed by the arrival of his grandma and grandpa Turnbull, aunt Bren, and uncles Jamison and Carter. Bren couldn't wait to give him her gift so he got to open one early. I love his 'cheese' face!

For the invite I wanted to make a book since it was a book themed party. Instead of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I named it The Very Adventurous Aiden and I talked about all of the adventures he went on every month. The kid had a busy first year! It was very time consuming to make but it was so much fun! Check it out!
 Sorry it's fuzzy, I just took these really quick with my phone.

 I chose butterfly stamps because the caterpillar turns into a butterfly at the end of the story.
I tried to get trendy with the washi tape
We held his party at my dear friend Julies house. She also hosted my baby shower.

Please ignore the fact that I hadn't yet floded and placed the food cards in the correct place.

The party favors were peach rings with worms eating through the middle. 

Grandma and Greg Ahola
Aunt Ben
Uncle Carter

Grandma and Grandpa Hayes
He sure does love his grammy!!
A big thanks to my husband for being so supportive of me throwing this party! (and all of the other parties....) :)
He's always admiring aunt Kaytee's beauty
I rented mini table's and colored chairs for the kiddos and bought fun table cloths but they weren't interested. Boo
Grandpa Turnbull, Great grandma and grandpa Turnbull and Great uncle Ryan

McKay and Grandpa DeHart
Great Grandma and Grandpa DeHart
Cake smash time!! He wasn't really into in. It was his first time having anything sugary, you would think that after the first bite he would go for it!

I got a lot of stuff from Etsy! Check out these awesome sites!
I got his shirt on a rush order from Mama Bear's Den
The awesome forks from Sugar Coated Studio
I got the cute address labels from TJK Printables
The Washi Tape was from japanese2please
The darling chocolate bar wrappers were from Creative Party Pixels
The water bottle labels were from Luisa Blanco-Cukro
The paper lanterns came from Just Artifacts
The beautiful delicious cake was from CAKE
The plates, cups, and kid table cloths came from The Eric Carle Museum
The bounce house, tabels, and chairs came from North County Jumpers
Click here for the amazing chicken salad recipe
The food labels were FREE printable downloads from this girls blog
The high chair was from ikea - the one thing I planned on doing but didn't was get more high chairs for my friends with kids. I wish I would have!
His stats poster was made by my wonderful sister-in-law, on short notice!!
The banners, fruit frames, and ONE letters were made by yours truly with help from Hobby Lobby
Basically all of the food was from Costco
I also bought pigs and a blanket for the "sausage" and squeezable fruit pouches for the littles but didn't get either out on the table in time. Bummer. Other than that, it went perfect! Thanks again to my dear friend Julie for opening up her home to my friends and family so we could celebrate my sweet boys big day!

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