Saturday, October 18, 2014

Melissa's Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Melissa Pew had a baby a little while ago and I got to throw her shower with a lot of help from her mom and sister. It was in Arizona and I was so grateful for all they did to make it special and perfect! She loved the owl theme and did it for Ellie's nursery so that's what the shower theme was. I got the cute invite from Etsy, printed it at a local printer and got the envelopes and stickers from Paper Source. We did a diaper raffle which was insanely successful!

The food was soup and salad with bread bowls. There were 3 different soups, and 3 different kinds of salads. Melissa's mom and sister made all of the food and it was amazing!

I had ordered 3 soup tureens from amazon and had them shipped to Melissa's house in Arizona so it was one less thing I had to bring with me. When I got there, two of them were broken. Melissa helped me scramble and found two friends with similar tureens which is great because we spent an entire day going from store to store and not finding any because they were "out of season."

This cute Oh Baby sign was from Etsy, along with the paper straws and straw flags with baby Ellie's name on them.
After a ton of online search I found a reputable bakery in Arizona that could make specialty cupcakes that also tasted great. These turned out so cute!

I got 3 of the most adorable mugs at Anthro for the diaper raffle gifts, I wish I could have won!! And by the way, picking out a gift that's good for all age groups was so hard, now I know what works!

Here I get all of my flowers from a local florist, Francos. But I didn't know where to go in AZ so the hubs did some digging and found a wholesale place that didn't need a resale license. We stuck with the shower colors of yellow and pink.
Melissa was one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I ever did see. She was glowing the whole time!

Baby shower bunco is one of my favorite games at a shower! Which is saying a lot because I really don't like baby shower games. The prizes were goodies from Bath and Body Works.

The one think Melissa had said she loved was a cookie pizza, she even made it for us when we were visiting one time. Her sister made these super cute owl shaped cookies that people could load up with icing and fruit.

That super cute diaper cake was also from Etsy, I really can't survive without other peoples skills!

There really is something to be said about real linens and eating utensils. Plastic or paper plates, cups or silverware drive me nuts. I used to rent all those things but after each party finally invested in my own. It has totally paid off because in between all the big first time mom showers I have 5 smaller 2nd, 3rd, 4th time mom showers that still use them and make a big difference.

 Her mom hand made this mobile for her and I am so jealous, I love it so much! It looks like its straight from Pottery Barn.

I am in LOVE with these super cute party favors. Melissa is all about the hand sanitizer (maybe that's why we're such good friends) so this was the perfect party favor. 

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