Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kate's Baby Shower

The day I found out my dear sweet friend Kate was pregnant, I immediately started planning her shower! I wanted something that screamed Kate. She's very earthy and crafty and trendy so I wanted to incorporate all of that into her shower. I came up with a Feather Her Nest theme and just ran with it! I absolutely loved the theme and came to realize that there was so much that I could do with it. I literally spend 6 months planning and preparing for this shower so I think it was my best one yet. I'm not a crafty person so this took me out of my comfort zone to make handmade stuff but it turned out pretty good and boosted up my confidence for all things crafty. I was planning this party and Aiden's first birthday party (both for 50 people) within days of each other while living in Mexico most of the time. I discovered Pinterest and Etsy and they together made this party happen. How did I ever plan a party without those sites?? I seriously had so much fun planning this shower and hope it will be something Kate remembers forever and Finley can look at photo's and see how loved and welcomed she was. Here are some highlights from the party:
The Invite
The entrance
The courtyard
 Me and the mama-to-be. This was my first time wearing that shirt and I now realize that this outfit is not at all flattering. At least Kate looks good!
The dining room
 The table setting. Hand-dipped baby food jars, Jordan almond party favors in their own individual nests. Most people didn't know the nest was part of the favor so I ended up with a lot of those!
 Burlap table cloths, wrapping paper place setting, handmade burlap and lace utensil holder.
Yeah, I came up with my own napkin fold just to fit the card. :)

There's nothing like fresh flowers
Wishes for baby Finley

 Setting up.
Mason Jars with chalk labels and chevron striped straws.

The food display

 Quiche and spinach artichoke cups    

 Veggie shooters and Crescent wraps (Brie, apple, pecans, honey)
Fruit Skewers 
Chocolate covered strawberries, oh yeah!

Fruit Tarts

Caprese Kabobs
Croissant chicken salad sandwiches
The cake

The Gifts
The mama
I love this
The excitement
 The friends 
 Thanks to Pinterest, I knew how to cut a round cake. Red velvet is Kates favorite and it was amazing!
 Thanks to my darling husband, if it weren't for his support and help I wouldn't have been able to do any of this. He picked up the cake in the morning, watched our sweet boy during the shower as well as getting Kate a gift, because I totally forgot! Dropped off the gift and stayed to help clean up. Oh yeah, and payed for the whole thing without a single complaint (when I doubled the "budget" Ha!). He's the best!

The Mason jar chalk labels came from Lake Effect Treasury
The straws were from The Bakers Confections
The wishes for baby cards were from Seasonal Delights Baby
The beautiful delicious cake came from CAKE
The amazing mini foods came from Elegant Dessert Designs
The wine barrels, plates, forks, and napkins came from Anar Party Rentals
NR Photography took the beautiful photos
The flowers were from Francos but arraigned by myself
The mini nests were from Factory Direct Craft
The location was at the Bressi Ranch Club House in Calrsbad
the bird cages were borrowed from a friend but the glass birds and the nest around the cake were from Michaels.
The vases and utensil holders were made by yours truly 
Sondra and I made the BABY letters by covering them in moss.
The manzanita branch was just laying in my yard so I plucked off all the leaves and made that a focal point by adding little nests and birdies and sticking it in the door handle hole.


  1. Heather- It is Kendra and I found your blog! Oh my gosh, the shower was beautiful!!!! I seriously loved everything about it. You are amazing.

  2. You have a blog!? I'm following you right now! :) And thank you!! You are to kind!!