Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Voting, Halloween, and everything in between

We made another trip back home a couple weeks ago. We were only supposed to be there for about 4 days during Halloween but wound up being there for two whole weeks, how this always happens I'll never know. Here are our adventures from that trip:
We arrived to goodies! Nancy Armstrong had an awesome gift for us, a homemade blanky, a puppy, and a bunch of darling clothes! So sweet!
 Grammy got Aiden this cute Halloween pajama set and it fit perfectly, what timing!
Grammy also found this awesome mustache pacifier at Zgallerie. haha he looks so cute!
 His great-grammy sent him this sweet Halloween card
 Seriously, only she would think to do something like this and it was so thoughtful! 
 To start the week we took a girls trip to Target. Kaytee, mom and I went to check out the new target in the Escondido mall. Are we small town or what?? haha Mom and I bonked heads when leaning in for the picture, we busted up laughing and this is what we got. Thanks Kate ;)
 An escalator for the shopping cart, pretty radical! (small town, I know)
 At some point during the trip I got my hair cut. Oh I love doing that, relaxing me time where I leave nice and clam and relaxed. And I don't have to do my own hair that day, that might be the best part!
 On the 30th, we dressed Aiden up for trunk or treat and took him to our ward. On the 31st we went to my parents ward in Valley Center but no pictures from that night. We waited until the very last minute for his costume to arrive but it never did so on our way to trunk or treat we picked up this cute elephant costume. We almost left with nothing because I felt that his fist costume had to suit him and not just be the first thing we saw. I think this outfit is just perfect. In McKay's own words "if he couldn't be a lobster, I would want him to be an elephant" haha

 He was such a champ and so patient as we passed out candy and people ohh'ed and ahhh'ed at how big he's getting

That night we stayed at Julie Rader's house because Aiden and her just love each other and needed some quality time. On the 31st we went to the doctor for Aidens 6 (and a half) month check up and shots.
He acted like a hyper active baby (that's a first) and totally destroyed the table covering. He got his shots and handled them like a champ again with just a quick cry, probably from being scared, and then was totally fine. Everything is fine as long as he has his lovey. What a sweet boy. 
Then we went to Bates Nut Farm! I saw it fitting that he wear Pumpkin Patch to the pumpkin patch. The first two photos were from the first visit a couple days earlier but he didn't last long so we had to go back on Halloween to actually get a pumpkin! He loved being around all the pumpkins and had a great time.

 These are the pumpkins he picked out, I think they're perfect for him!
We couldn't really carve them and I didn't think ahead to get supplies to make them crafty so this is how they were decorated :)
Aiden had a great time playing with all of the toys at grammies house, she has a lot more than we do!
Sweet boy being patient while I get ready for the day. For some reason he loves watching me get ready.
 Park Day! Our ward has a park day every Friday and it's something I really wish I was there for every week. Aiden got to see his dear friend Lincoln Hope and they had a great time together.

 Then we voted!... Better luck next time.

 When packing up, I realized how many books Aiden needs to travel with. He's kind of a book worm which gives me an idea for a theme for his birthday party, that's still to be determined though. 

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