Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A day to give thanks

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things. My life has changed tremendously in the last year. I've had a baby whom I love and adore and couldn't imagine life without. I have a supportive, loving, encouraging, committed husband who I get to experience this crazy journey with. Aiden's family is growing faster than ever so he will be able to grow up with cousins close in age. Although there have been some scares, I am in excellent health and couldn't be happier about that. I have never wanted for anything, all of my needs and most of my wants have always been fulfilled. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have a safe and reliable car that I feel comfortable putting my family in. My family has been watched over and kept safe while we've traveled to and from Mexico and as we've lived our lives down here. I have supportive welcoming parents that I can always count on for anything. I get to be a stay at home mom and never miss a moment. I will be able to be at the house when my kids get home from school, I will be able to be involved at their schools and with activities and sports. I get to have as much family time as I can make up. What more could a girl ask for?
I'm thankful that I was able to stick with it and learn to enjoy my surroundings instead of locking myself in the condo all day everyday, living in fear and misery. I now enjoy every day and all of it's adventures. We are so blessed to be in a situation to start a new company without using credit, without investors, and without any debt in any way. I'm thankful for my religion and for living prophets and apostles that guide us in these latter days. I'm thankful that they teach us to stay out of debt, to live within our means, to be financially healthy and not make stupid decisions without praying about them (my words, not theirs :)), only use debt for your FIRST car, a modest home and an education. I'm thankful for the power of prayer. I'm thankful to know that I have a Heavenly Father that hears and answers our prayers, that loves us all, that guides us in our lives to make good decisions to truly be happy. I'm thankful to know that after this life, I will see my loved ones again and that we will all live together for the rest of eternity. I'm thankful for young boys and girls that dedicate 2 years of their lives and who serve faithful missions here and in foreign countries. I'm thankful they bring joy and happiness and the gospel to people all over the world. I'm especially thankful they brought it to my house years ago. I'm thankful my parents invited them in and listened to their message. I'm thankful that they chose to accept the gospel and teach it to their family. I'm so very thankful to be a baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has made me who I am today. Every decision I make and every thought I have can be followed back to my beliefs and morals I have learned from the gospel. I'm not perfect but I strive to be Christ-like and serve others. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be here on this earth at this time, to have the friends and family that I have, to have the struggles and triumphs that I have, and to have free agency to make my own decisions and be the person I want to be. I'm thankful for the atonement and for the chance to repent and be forgiven. We all make mistakes and it's so nice to know that we are loved and forgiven if we ask for forgiveness with real intent and a pure heart. So many people are lost and confused which  makes me even more thankful to know that the church is true, Jesus died for our sins, we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and guides us to return home with him, we have always had prophets to guide His people and we still do today, they love us as He does and teach us what He would want us to know. I know that by reading my scriptures, praying, and listening to their council and guidance, I will know the things that I need to do to live forever with my family. I'm thankful for my testimony and the surety of it. I'm thankful my faith in Jesus Christ doesn't waver and that I am a strong independent women who stands for what she believes, I haven't always been this strong and sure and I'm thankful everyday for my growth and progress.
The whole reason we are down here in Mexico starting a new business and the reason all of this is happening is because we have prayed about every decision we have ever made since marriage and we have faith that this is where we need to be right now. Every decision from where to live, when to move, what to purchase, what job to have or not have, when to have a child, how much money to keep in savings as all been guided by answers to prayers and has led us to this point.
I'll tell you about an experience that I had. This is just one drop in the bucket when it comes to making decisions like this.
When McKay and I got married we only had one car, my '92 Honda Civic. Six months later we purchased our Pathfinder because it could serve as a family car someday and it would also be a work car for McKay to put his tools and parts in. It was totally practical. We had two cars for two years but I often didn't drive the civic because I didn't feel that it was all that safe. December 2011, my brother became the new proud owner of the beloved Black Widow. Back to one car. I have always wanted a Mercedes C class, oh that car is just so beautiful!! I wanted the C300 but then in 2011, the new 2012 C250 came out and I was all about it and I wasn't silent about it. I was pregnant and looking for a safe, chic, mom-car. We went to the dealership and asked for white on tan with such and such options. Then we watched as my perfect car with everything on the checklist was taken off the big truck and brought directly to me before the plastic wrap was even off of it. Perfection. While they were drawing up the paperwork we went to lunch, pregnant lady needs to eat! And then we were going to go to the bank to get a cashiers check. During lunch I told McKay I wasn't to sure about the car. I told him I really really wanted it and that it was more than I could ever ask for but it just didn't feel right. I thought maybe we needed that money for an upcoming downpayment on a house that we didn't know about yet, or maybe medical bills, or whatever. I didn't know the reason but I knew that it wasn't right. So we backed out. The dealer was in complete shock and couldn't understand my reasoning, he knew how obsessed I was with that car. Although we didn't need that money for a house, we did have a large amount of medical bills for Aiden, we have been able to fund this Mexican adventure, and that car would just be sitting on a dirt lot in Valley Center right now if we went through with it.
Pray about big (and small) decision. You'll be thankful you did.
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends.

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