Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

We had planned on going to a restaurant here at the resort for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I saw our friends walking on the beach in the morning so I yelled hello to them and they later called and invited us to have Thanksgiving with them at their place. They are the ones that live a couple floors above us.  They also invited another family they met down here who are originally from Italy and a woman that works in the resorts kids club. We had such a great time getting to know everyone! There were a total of 6 kids under 7 so it was like a daycare center! The kids had a great time playing and Aiden loved every minute of it. The girls loved entertaining him and he just soaked up the attention. He usually goes to bed early but was able to make it past 8. He was yawning and rubbing his eyes and then got super slap-happy and wouldn't stop giggling at anything and everything. I'm glad he had a good night.
Today was another good day. We became friends with a guy that owns 3 restaurants here, Mare Blu being one of them (the one we're always taking pictures at). This evening he came by and brought me some more Thanksgiving food! It's food he brought home from his restaurant and re-made because he had the missionaries over for dinner today so they could have a Thanksgiving meal. I'm glad I could be a recipient of some of the food, it is so delicious! He's Mexican but yet he makes American holiday foods better than anything I've ever tasted. Yum! We also found out today that he makes a trip to San Diego once a month to supply shrimp (he has a shrimping boat here) to Tommy V's, The Crab Shack on the Pier, Tuscany and other restaurants right there in our home town. McKay invited him to stay with us whenever he comes to town once we settle back down. I think I'm going to tell him he's more than welcome but he has to make us dinner haha win win for everyone :) Here is the feast he brought over, I ate most of the turkey before I took the picture. And the pie is from Costco haha I knew I liked him!

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