Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our day at church

Today I overcame a fear that I have where I believe everyone has germs and if a stranger touches my child, he will fall ill and die. Now that's an exaggeration but I am a germaphobe and I really can't stand when strangers feel the need to touch Aiden's hands and cheeks and toys. Germs!! I don't know where their hands have been. It's something I'm working on and I made huge strides today at church.
We got to church and we're waiting for it to start. A woman and her daughter come and sit by us, in spanish she says hello and something else to McKay. She immediately holds out her arms towards Aiden as if she wants to hold him and says something so I just kind of play dumb and hand her the program he's holding. She keeps her arms out and doesn't budge. Awkward. haha McKay looks over and says "no she wants to hold him." So he picks him up and puts him on the woman's lap. I had an immediate panic attack as the woman, no joke, literally starts rubbing cheek to cheek with him and kissing his face all over. AHHHH!!! I have a number one rule that NO ONE is allowed to kiss Aiden on the mouth and everyone knows this rule. She came so close and I was watching every second so I could interveen if I had to but I wanted to be polite so I didn't say anything and she didn't kiss him on the mouth. Whew! Then I panicked again when she tried to give him water from the sacrament which is Mexico's tap water, oh yeah, and she took a sip out of it first so it wouldn't be as full. I don't even put my germs on Aidens feeding supplies! Halfway through sacrament meeting I ask McKay how he knows her and he informs me that he has no clue who she is. That was the cherry on top haha I just had to myself.  She and her daughter traded holding him for over an hour, they even fed him! And I have to say, Aiden totally loved them. He smiled and giggled at them, he cuddled, he was calm even though he was tired. It was great! I told McKay to tell her she's hired and we're bringing her home with us. So my germ fears almost made me lose it but with McKay whispering to me to keep calm and everything would be ok, I got through it. Not only did I get through it but watching him interact with that one woman totally melted my heart and filled me with joy. Here are some pictures I took right after the face rubbing :) And FYI, Aiden very rarely lays his head down to cuddle, it just doesn't happen. So for him to do it repeatedly and leave it there for more than a second speaks volumes! What a great day today was!
Notice the lipstick on his cheek

 staring. His favorite.
 My favorite
 When we left (early) there were two cars blocking us in but somehow  my husband was able to make it out in between the basketball hoop and the cement wall with only an inch on each side. Yikes!


  1. I don't blame you. I am a total germaphobe too. Sometimes I embarrass myself and don't even want to admit to people some of the issues I have with germ sharing. I also don't even kiss my kids on the mouth, nor do we share eating utensils or cups. Between mouth bacteria and knowing that most people are contagious before they know they are even sick, I just don't like to pass it all around. But its true that we can't control everything, and I too have had many situations that I had to take deep breaths and mellow out. It looks like Aiden liked her, and I am sure you made that womans day by letting her snuggle a sweet baby.

  2. I love hearing about all of your fun adventures in Mexico!!! I am so excited to see you guys in a few weeks.