Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birth Control uh-oh

I hope this isn't TMI for anyone but here I go. Before moving down here I counted how many weeks I had left in my 3 month pack of birth control and realized I would run out before we came back to the states. We were cramming every second of every day to get everything done in time to leave when we were supposed to. I'm surprised we found time to sleep. One thing on the list was to get a pill refill. My husband is so cheap that he said forget about it, we'll get it in Mexico because it's much cheaper there. Uhhhh ok... I guess I believe you because I know people to go Mexico specifically to get meds. We find a reputable pharmacy in town and McKay takes the empty pill pack inside and tells the dr we want the same exact one. As you can see, it's not a 3 month pack and the name is different but it has all the same ingredients so we will see if it works. I actually kind of liked being pregnant and am obsessed with being a mom so if it happens again, I'm totally ok with it. But for now I think I'll still try to prevent it until a more convenient time for our family and my poor body.
But there's a chance this might be happening again (40 weeks pregnant with Aiden)

Not much has changed in the last couple days. I've been eating a lot of Mexican food because that's the fresh stuff at the grocery store and on the street. These tamales came from a cooler on the side of the road and I have to say that they are delicious! Our plan was to eat healthy and lose weight down here but that's not really what's happening. We can't just pick and chose what we want to eat, we have to just buy what's fresh and edible. Lucky it's really good but it's also really fattening. 
This sweet, awesome, amazing couple will be here in the morning! I am so beyond excited to have friends here! I've been telling Aiden that Auntie Lissa and Uncle Dallin are coming this weekend and I can tell that he's really excited as well. We're going to have so much fun! I am sad to report that todays weather kind of stunk. It was a little cloudy and super windy so I hope it can clear up by saturday so we can enjoy at lease one fun day on the beach together. 

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