Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today was a great day!

After having so many rough days with the food, heat, and Aiden, it was so nice to have such a great day!
 We started our day with our morning walk and it was a beautiful day. McKay was smart and wore his bathing suit so our walk along the beach turned into our walk to the beach. I realize now this isn't a very good photo because we can't see Aiden and I look like a hot mess but it's the only one I have so it will have to do. 
When we got back we put Aiden to bed and he fell asleep quickly and easily. His naps are starting to get longer which is awesome. Hopefully we can get him napping like he used to within the next week or so. When he got up from his nap we went grocery shopping and look at what we found!
We went to a grocery store called La Ley which the Pew's recommended and it's super close to the resort which is great. On the way home on that same road there is a tortilla shop which is the size of a (non walk-in) closet and got those tortilla's that are on the left for $1.30. McKay handed them to me when he got in the car and they were piping hot! How cool is that? Of course we both immediately ate one and they tasted just as they smelled, delicious. Then we went down one more block and bought 6 tamales, beef and pork for $1 each. When we got home we put Aiden back down for his nap because he was pretty tired, it was super hot outside and the poor kid was kind of sweaty. I think it took a lot out of him. For lunch we made tamales with beans and rice. Oh My Gosh! Can you say heaven sent? The beans were soooo good and the tamales we're incredible. The salsa, well that was hot, really hot. Our lunch wound up costing us about $2 each. Wow we are saving a ton of money being down here.

When Aiden woke up from his nap we went down to the pool area and put him in his floaty we bought today. This was his first time ever being in the pool, he hasn't even been in the ocean yet (I don't know what we're waiting for). We floated around the lazy river which was mostly shaded so it was really relaxing. Aiden didn't react much to it. He loves bath time so he probably thought it was kind of like a bath. He just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

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  1. my whole mouth just filled up with saliva when you were talking about the tortillas. yummmmm