Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We may be a tad crazy

McKay and I have officially moved to Mexico (for the time being). We don't know how long we'll be here, your guess is as good as mine. It started out as one month then turned into two, then three, then possibly four. And each time I found out we were going to be here longer, it's because I heard my husband telling someone about it. My reaction: "What? We're staying for how long?? That's not what you told me." The truth is, we will be staying here until everything is done. What is everything? Good question.
About a year and a half ago my husband and one of his best friends (Dallin Pew) started to brainstorm a new business idea. It stemmed from an idea that McKay previously had but it wound up changing completely. Previously he wanted to use technology that he already uses and knows to make an information board in the lobby of hotels aka digital signage. Lots of hotels in the states use them, for example, Marriott. Once the boys started talking they realized there was a better alternative and a much better money maker. Dallin told us about and took us to a resort that he grew up going to, Rocky Point. A perfect place to test the waters and start the new company. There's an easy way to explain what McKay and Dallin are trying to do. In the US, resorts all tend to have the same amenities, when we turn on the TV we expect for there to be a channel about the resort, about the city we're visiting, about the activities we can do, as well as being able to watch a movie at night via video on demand. But as Dallin and McKay visited some of the resorts they realized that those simple amenities that we take for granted are simply not available in other resorts throughout the world regardless of how nice they are or who they're owned by. I'm sure you can see by the photos (below) that these resorts are quite amazing and its surprising that they don't have some of those basic amenities. That's where McKay and Dallin come into play. They started a company that creates systems that adds these amenities to those resorts without any major installation, construction, etc. They own channels that are being broadcast within the resorts and they are building a video on demand system for the resorts. The purpose of McKay and I being down here is to get that done and to set it up as a model to then expand in other cities and other parts of the world. We felt that the best way to replicate it elsewhere was to be here from start to finish. McKay met a very wealthy Mexican that owns about 10 resorts and wanted McKay and Dallin to install and run the equipment immediately. That's why we hurried down here to get this city up and running so we can move on to the next resorts.
This week McKay is re-doing the websites and setting up meetings with our sales representatives to properly train them.
I understand that moving to Mexico after just coming up with the idea a month earlier, when you have a 4 month old baby, and when your current business couldn't be any better, is just a tad crazy. But we believe that this will be a better opportunity for us and hopefully with great risk will come great reward. That's what I keep telling myself. :) I will keep you updated with our progress and adventures!

The one above is double that size since they finished the second phase.

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