Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finally some street tacos!

Today for lunch McKay took me into town to get street tacos. Finally! We decided when we got here that we would only eat out on the weekend so that we wouldn't become super fat. Because we've had a rough week in the food department we decided to take a break from the condo and go into town for some yummy tacos. Our favorite place doesn't open until 3:00 so we went to another familiar place. It wasn't as good as I remembered and its probably because they were lacking some great salsa. But that doesn't matter, it was still a treat! I was telling McKay when we were leaving there that we need more taco stands in our rotation. But what are you supposed to do, try them all until you find one that doesn't make you sick? haha I don't think so. I'll wait for the Pew's to give us more recommendations. Hopefully they've tried more than the few we've been to!
While we were out we went back to Santa Fe (the grocery store) so that I could see it since I stayed in the car last time. Don't freak out dad, it was like 2 seconds, he was right inside the doors asking a question. This store was beautiful! It was clean and the food was pretty good quality. Still not what I'm used to but I can definitely deal. Things are looking much better for sure. We were able to buy 4 avocados, 4 bananas, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, and 4 oranges all for $5!!! That's amazing. Much better than the $100 we spent on crap a couple days ago at Sam's Club which by the way, the carrots expire in 6 days. Seriously? I'm writing an email to Walmart.

Tonight during dinner we heard music coming from outside. They had an instructor down there giving mexican dance lessons! How cool is that? If Aiden hadn't been sleeping we totally would have gone down there. People were also just sitting in the water enjoying the sunset and others were riding horses. It's so peaceful down here. Anyone want to visit? :)
Aiden is quite obsessed with his lovey. Here he used it to pretend he's an Egyptian prince.

He usually winds up with it snuggled next to his face and always looking at his Sleep Sheep

I have to give Aiden credit for adapting so well. He had such a nice life back home. He had a beautiful crib, the best mattress available, organic cotton sheets, and blackout curtains. Here he has a pack and play (which Dallins mom is letting us use until we have room in our car to bring one down and we are very very grateful for that). The mattress isn't so comfy and he doesn't have blackout curtains but in spite of all that he's missing he decides to make the best of it and make his own blackout curtains. Seriously, he's such a trooper. 
If he can adapt and make the best of it, so can I. And if I can do it, anyone can!

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